Monday, June 24, 2013

VIDEO: Pray for your spouse, even if you haven't met them yet!


  1. Hey Tiffany! I was wondering what you should pray for your husband or boyfriend to keep them safe and strengthened by God? Just thinking because there can be challenges for men when they are in relationships too :) Thanks for an awesome post and video- it is much appreciated. Jayne xx

  2. Tiffany, I can see your love for your husband shining through in this video!!! So happy for you :) Another take on this...I've been praying for our daughter's future husband from just about the day she was born, she turned one last week. We pray for her future husband and the friends he surrounds himself with, for his decisions, for his parents and their relationship with one another and God, that their home is filled with love and laughter, that his dad would be a great example of what a husband should be, and that his parents are praying for our daughter as well.
    - Amanda (formerly Mattanda - is my new blog :)

  3. My husband and I met 10 years ago this month! And it all came about completely though the work of God! I prayed a list of things, about his character and then two visual specifics, for over a year and God answered in an amazing way a two months after the Holy Spirit was telling me to start praying about a husband again. God is faithful and THE BEST matchmaker ever!

    I would like to add though that God did point out that I'd made marriage, and finding a husband , an idol. I fought God on this and He was telling me to give up the idea of marriage and a husband to Him. My response was to fight Him like crazy and that was due to fear of being alone (and a curse that was spoken over me by my father as a child that I'd never be marriage material). I had to learn to be content with God , and Jesus, alone. Eventually I stopped fighting Him and submitted to His leading, repented of making marriage/a husband an idol and I had total peace in that arena for the first time in my life. I didn't care if I got married or not because the Lord gave me peace and He was my husband. THEN after a year or so He impressed upon me to start praying again about it, I did so a bit reluctantly, and then two months later I met my husband! Everything was lined up by God to perfectly I could not have, nor anyone, planned it out better or more perfectly and I say that without any giddiness but in total seriousness. GOD'S WAYS AND TIMING ARE PERFECT! We just need to trust Him and get out of His way and let Him have the reigns in all areas of our lives.

  4. Tiffany, thank you so much for this amazing video! So encouraging :)

    I actually wrote about it on my blog (its my very first post!)


  5. hello, so i need a favor.. i want to surprise my boyfriend cause he did some things for me which no one will. in the moment, he is in the very difficult period of life.. and i just have no other way to say how much i care about him..i already told him a billion times in the past hour that i love him, but that also, its not enough :))). i need people who would take a pic of yourself with a piece of paper on which write: "maja te voli" in my language, and you maternal language. it means maja loves you, on serbian. if someone is interested, please, let mi know on it will mean the world for me.. thanks...greets, maja, serbia :**

  6. You should not look for you future husband. Destiny will just give it to you.

  7. Thank you, I needed this. I will continue to pray and not be discouraged. : )

  8. Tiffany - I read Kandee's post regarding your health and wanted to suggest that you start adding 1 tsp of tumeric to about 1/4 cup of orange juice and drink daily... multiple times a day if you like... you should read on tumeric when you get time - it has antibacterial antifungal antiviral properties and it also kills cancer cells. I just want you to feel better and I know this spice works and it's natural. <3 feel better.

  9. oh and the reason I suggest adding it to orange juice is because tumeric is bitter and the oj hides the taste.

  10. Hi Tiffany,
    Let me start by saying that your blog is truly amazing, found it through Kandee´s post today. I can´t almost keep my eyes from tears., you girls are SOME rolemodels. Thank you for that!
    Thank you for sharing the words of our God, I´ve been looking through so many posts in your blog and enjoying every bit of it. Even send a few to my husband to read... THANK YOU beautiful girl.
    My heart hurts to see that you are in pain over this diseas and although I don´t have any tip for you to get you on your feet again, the thing I CAN do is pray. And prayers work, we all know that and I know that our God will heal you in every possible ways and starting this very moment. I will keep you in my prayers, I´ve asked my husband to pray... We are united even if we live on different continents. We are children of God!

    Thank you for all the wonderful words and keep on spreading Gods word here, it´s needed!

    Lots of love from a new friend,


  11. Tiffany! I pray that you get well soon! God loves you more than ever! you have a family that is second to none! merry Christmas and tell your stubburn sis to dial that phone!

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  13. Tiffany, we are praying healing for you and miss you so much!


  14. Hi Tiffany, How are you doing? And your babies? I really miss you, I hope you're doing okay! You're amazing and I hope you'll be back soon to sparkle up our lives :) Greetings X Eva

  15. Dear Tiffany, I really miss your sparkling diamonds, I hope you are getting better, kisses to you and your sweet little family, Ivana from Croatia